July 25th, 2012

Glue Gun

Dog updates, and Megaplex

Our new dog, Dizzy, has been continuing to make progress every day, especially now that I keep her on the leash during the days while I am home. Last week, she took a treat from Joe's hand instead of turning her nose up at him. She also learned after working for only one day that she doesn't have to bolt up the stairs as quickly as possible. This week she's started leaning up against me or sleeping on my feet. I think being on the leash and being made to be around the other members of the household, she's starting to feel like she has no choice but to be a member of the "pack" and so she's warming up a little bit.

I took her out this morning for her weekly socialization at the farmer's market and the dog park. We were very early (we went right after I was done with a glucose test appointment I had) so there wasn't a lot going on but she was actually eager when we got to the farmer's market - when she got out of the car her tail was wagging and she was happy. Then, at the dog park, there were other dogs there this time (last time it had been empty) and while she wasn't afraid or nervous, she sniffed them then decided she'd rather hang out with me. The only way she'd wander the park was if I walked with her. The rest of the time, she was glued to my side. Trying to see what she'd do if I left her to her own devices, I sat on a picnic table in the center of it so she couldn't lean up against me, and she climbed up onto the table with me and laid down beside me. So, I guess that settles that, she prefers me as a pack mate, now. ;)

This weekend is Megaplex. We're not planning to actually attend, though I do have some things to pass off to people over the weekend so we are going to be in Orlando at the hotel on Saturday for a brief period. Otherwise we'll probably do our usual Sea World and/or Ikea thing, as we both have really been needing a vacation day. If anyone here is going to be at the con and wants to say hey, let me know. We'll at least be in the area, if not attending.