September 22nd, 2012


Any day now...

Just dropping a note publicly since I'm not around too much on social sites lately. :3

So, at my doctor's appointment last week, the doc pretty much told me that if anything starts on its own at this point, they're not going to stop it. And you all know how spontaneous babies can be when they make their appearance, they can be early or they can be late.

Initially I was hoping the baby would stay put until the end of October so I could really crunch and work, but as the past few weeks have progressed, I'm starting to change my mind! It's been frustrating, because of physical limitations - I'm not going to go into detail, and while for the most part many things have been fairly easy about this pregnancy (and I'm not going to complain!) there have been a lot of things that I simply cannot do any more.

The biggest frustration is not being able to sit at my work table or sewing machine for long periods of time. Over the past few weeks, swelling in my feet has gotten so bad that I have to spend my evenings with my feet propped up on a mountain of pillows on the couch, and the swelling still doesn't go down by much.

The physical limitations have, frustratingly, slowed down my ability to work so much so that I've fallen behind on my big projects and just haven't been able to get done the things that I've wanted to get done.

Pretty much the only thing that will relieve the symptoms I've been going through is actually having the baby. We're due in the middle of October (roughly three weeks to go) and I'm hoping for quick recovery from that so I can get back to work. It's really been killing me to not be able to do many of the things that I enjoy, including working on my projects.

So I'm hanging in here, counting down the days, and hoping for sooner rather than later so things can get back to normal.... or, at least as normal as they'll be when things have been shaken up by a new member of the household. ;)
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