February 18th, 2013

Glue Gun

FWA - Pizza Party Art Jam!

Sorry for the relative silence around these parts- most of my down time has been spent catching up on work lately. So much to do, and not enough hours in the day to do it!

We are planning on attending FWA this year, of course, and as usual we are intent on hosting the Sunday night Pizza Party Art Jam! After closing ceremonies have ended and the dealer's room has closed, we gather with friends in a common area of the hotel and spend the evening together laughing, drawing, chowing down on pizza, and making memories together. It's a fun way for us to have a meal with friends without having to commit to going to dinner with just a small group of people. It's like a big room party, only, too big for one room to handle!

Since the con is at a new hotel this year, I have no idea where we'll be hanging out for the jam. Those of you that have joined us in years past, I'll pass along info to once I figure it out, and for those of you that might not be connected, either check @adorablefoxie on Twitter for details, or I will try to put up a notice on a bulletin board if there is one.

Looking forward to seeing all my friends again! :)