January 26th, 2015

Glue Gun

Is this thing on?

I'm just dropping a quick note here since I've had a couple of people get in touch with me about it already.

Yesterday morning I deactivated my Facebook account, but it's only temporary. There's been a little bit of drama here, and a little bit there, and it adds up, of course. I'm busy trying to focus on cultivating two different businesses, as well as planning a move north within the next year, so I'm trying to spend a little time regrouping and avoiding Facebook.

There wasn't any one specific cause, and I assure you, I'll be back on Facebook in a short time. But for now I'm busy preparing my products for both Adorable Foxie (we are going to be at Megacon again this year, and need to be prepared!) as well as for Scrub Oak Soaps (which will also be at Mega). I'm getting things listed on Etsy, and hope to upload some stuff on FA within the next few days as well. A break from Facebook makes me more likely to update the things I -need- to update. :P

I can always be reached via e-mail, and I'm on Skype (guess the username :P) if you need to get in touch. So please don't worry, if you were. ;)