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FWA! I'm Back!

Wow, what a great weekend we had. Lots of fun! Met so many people, saw many new faces and got to spend time with old friends too. Of course, Rama put us in the back corner because he knew we would be trouble. Let's just say that the one joke we couldn't let go of all weekend ended up killing my voice and hurting my sides from laughing so hard. :)

Thanks so much to everyone that stopped by our table, joined us for activities in the evening and hung out for the Pizza Jam on Sunday night! We filled up that little lounge room under the stairs, that's for sure. Maybe next year we can make it an actual Thing. Who knows? It seems to grow every year. Uh oh.... :)

I can't believe it's already Tuesday evening, we had a good drive home yesterday and got in rather late. Slept a lot last night and now caught up with e-mails. I have yet to put away all of the con supplies though. Have a bunch of stuff to take care of but slowly plowing through.

Tomorrow will be back to the grind and throwing fuzz around the house, making costumes again. I have some ideas in mind for making more of a "production line" in order to make costumes so we will see how those work out.

I miss everyone so much already, can't wait to see you all again next year! Much love!! <3
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