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Popping on real quick for an update.

One! I joined "MyFur Network" ( just like everyone else. X) Find me on there! I'm "CrssaFox" of course. ;D

Two: Work has been steady. I am really cranking out the stuff to bring with to Animazement. Also been working on finishing up that yote. Might take me a few more days than I wanted but it's hard to juggle con prep and costume work. Two more weeks until Animazement; I'll have a LOT of tails and ears and fun stuff at the con! If you're in the Raleigh area, stop by and say hi. :)

Three: The critters are all seeming to be doing great. Reo had a round of steroids to end another bout of itchiness. He's off the meds again now, and comfortable again. Even though we were never able to determine the cause, we know how to treat the flare-ups and it's gone within a week.

Also, the bunny is getting big! Marabou's fully grown, and had been packing on some extra pounds. We'd been feeding her Ye Olde Generic Bunny Pellets from the pet store (Kaytee brand, I believe) but the alfalfa caused her to gain weight. It's bad when your bunny's starting to LOOK fat. So we switched her pellets to timothy hay pellets instead, and we've also incorporated veggies into her diet.
Her morning salad consists of romaine, endive, carrot, and sometimes spinach, cucumber, or tomato. Later today, I'm going to give some parsley to see how she handles it, and this weekend she'll get to try cilantro. Since we've changed her pellets, she seems to prefer eating actual timothy hay over the pellets (while on alfalfa she didn't much care for the hay) and because she's been eating a lot of veggies, she hasn't been drinking nearly as much water as she had before. She's definitely much more healthy. Now if only I could get myself to eat more veggies...

Four: Couponing is still freaking awesome. I have loads of Edward's pie in the freezer. Well, not so much now that we shared some with Joe's folks over the weekend (they came down to visit for Mother's Day). Those pies were dirt cheap with coupons; I paid all of twenty five cents for a single pie slice. Oh, and then there were the two bags of cat litter I donated to my neighbor, which were also a quarter apiece. And Chicken Voila, which was about a dollar a bag... and veggies, which were eighty cents per bag... we stuffed the freezer. Whoops. Been working on whittling that down a bit this week. ;)

Five: I've been using YouTube for a playlist lately, since Pandora seems to have gotten a bit crazy and repetitive. I was highly amused when I added Pitbull's "BonBon" and saw the music video. Hilarious! If not borderline porno, haha. And he is such a white boy. Thinks he's so hardcore with his shades and his Elvis lip. X) Been listening to a lot of bhangra too... lots of Bollywood music and of course some Daler Mehndi. "Jai Ho" (from Slumdog Millionaire) is one of my favorite songs right now. (The original version, not the wannabe Pussycat Dolls version.) All the fun music keeps me working hard. :D

Anyway I need to get back to work, I figured I'd leave a little update with some slice o' life so you guys know I'm still alive and kickin'. More kickin' than anything, but you know how it is.
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