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Well, that's that...

No, no baby yet.

But it seems like these last few weeks are going to be -really- hard on me, and now it's beyond frustrating. Last night, I discovered (after spending some time at my work desk, sewing) that simply using my sewing machine stretches a muscle in my pelvis that causes me to not even be able to walk without pain. You never really know how much you use certain muscles until you can't - last night, I literally had to shuffle, Igor-style, dragging my right foot behind me, across the living room and up the stairs to my bedroom because I simply could not raise my right foot/leg at all without excruciating pain through the right side of my abdomen.

So it looks like, for now, pretty much any of my major projects are going to be put on hold. I have a lot of stuff that I have yet to photograph as far as small items go, and I also have some accessories I can work on to finish by hand, but there's only so much I can do. Now, it's down to a waiting game. I don't want to over-work myself to the point where I'm simply unable to function enough to take care of myself, so I'm suspending most of my work from here on out. I guess I should be glad I've made it this far before having to "give up," as it were, but at this point I just want to get the last of it over with and be on the road to recovery.

Over the next week or so I might be adding a few new things to Etsy, things that have yet to be photographed or hand-finished, but other than that, I'm not going to be active as far as current work projects go, because I just can't spend the next three weeks dragging one foot behind me because it hurts too much. It's beyond frustrating, because there is SO much I want to get done, and just physically can't. :\

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