CrssaFox (crssafox) wrote,

Slow Going

To say the past two months have been a learning process would be an understatement. I expected to have a newborn baby that would sleep a lot, as newborns tend to do. What I got instead is a young'un that wants to stay awake and not miss any of the excitement. We just got her used to sleeping at night consistently so I can get enough sleep, now we're working on a daytime schedule.

Of course, everything is trial and error at this point, some days everything works just fine and other days nothing works. I've found something that seems to help get me some work time during the day - if I put E in her moby wrap and go for a ten minute walk around the neighborhood, I can get about 40 minutes of work time before she'll wake up and want to eat and/or play. Dizzy is ecstatic because this means lots of walks for her. I'm trying to be content because that means hopefully my legs will get into shape. :P So now I'm starting to schedule these walks/naps/worktime so we can have some daily consistency.

But to give you a good idea of how hectic the past few days have been: in the past week I've been able to accomplish work that I could normally get done in about a single day. Simple sewing components to a project take far too much time - the measuring, cutting, pinning and sewing all are done as quickly as possible without making errors, but 40 minutes a go is not much to work with. Granted, right now I only have been getting one work period per day (as the rest of the day is spent with chores and/or errands, in addition to tending the baby) but since E is showing consistency in the walk-then-work pattern, I'm going to bump it up to two working periods per day, then possibly three.

I'm also recruiting Silv to help out where he can. Either by watching E for me while he's home on weekends, or by teaching him to help with patterns/cutting/pinning/sewing, he's going to help me get caught back up on projects over the next few months.

Needless to say, things haven't gone as expected - they haven't been *bad*, just different from what I thought. I'm just glad that right now things seem to be leveling out a little bit, and that after a week of practicing work I'm getting that consistency from her already, hopefully that will continue for us. :)

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