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crssafox's Journal

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1 December 1983
Hi! I'm Carissa, and I live in Florida with my husband and a handful of fuzzy critters.

As of July 2009, my art and costuming business (known as Adorable Foxie) went full-time!

If you're here for the art and/or the costumes, you can visit my AdorableFoxie Facebook fan page for the most up-to-date information.

If you watch this journal, please keep in mind that, while some humor might be slightly "adult" in nature (and even this is very rare) I do have a tendency to keep things clean. The majority of what I post is going to be PG-rated at highest. Because of this, I expect my visitors to show me a degree of respect and not post rude, vulgar, or disgusting comments without any reason. Doing so will see you banned from my journal. One strike, and I delete the comment. Two strikes, and you're out. As of right now, I don't screen comments; I don't care to ever do so, so if you guys can't play nice, I won't be making any more public posts. Please keep that in mind. :)

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